“Theresa is ONE of a kind!”

Theresa is ONE of a kind! Being first time buyers, we are really eager on finding the BEST HOME to start our family. We look around Norwalk, Artesia, Cerritos, La Mirada, Downey areas. My Bf and I were aggressive on looking and we've been through a lot of open houses that we almost go every week or every day we are available! We met random agents from there, some of them tried to convince us to work with them and with promising words like, "I can get you this house for a very good discount, If you work with me". We don't like agents who are too good to be true like that. When we met Theresa, we contacted her via Zillow to see this house in Artesia. Theresa was really nice. She was not so aggressive on getting us as her client. I really like that she knows the areas we want! She is very knowledgeable and very patient with our questions.... Of course, as first time buyers, we wouldn't know what we need to know, if we don't ask! But with Theresa, She is like a sister. She would be really honest with what she thinks about the house; which is what we like about her! She will adjust with your schedule too! Like me and my bf, we both work crazy shifts and if you tell Theresa when is the time is best to talk, she will work it out. Even if its already late, She will be there. She's very detailed with the paperwork process! Text or call - she makes sure you get a clear communication and if you really understand it. You'll feel secure that the person working with you (and with your assets, personal stuffs) is someone you can you can trust with! You can tell she has the passion at what she does. We highly recommend her!

— Louriz M., Yelp