First Impression is Everything.

Here’s what we know: our industry has seen that homes in “show-ready”, top condition sell 25% quicker and for a higher price.

The universal truth: the more simple, clean and neutrally-presented a home is, the better it shows. The better it shows, the quicker it sells, for that higher price.

With RealVitalize, we will get your home READY TO SELL, with NO-UP FRONT COSTS to you.

No cash for these improvements is required up front – you just pay it back at closing with the help of Realty Title Group. There are NO EXTRA FEES, INTEREST OR MARKUPS. No credit checks or liens on your home, hassle-free!

Use the RealVitalize Program to help with:

  • Painting
  • Staging
  • Room Renovations
  • Flooring and Carpentry
  • Cleaning and Handyman Services
  • Moving and Storage
  • Electrical and Plumbing
  • Landscaping and Curb Appeal
  • And much more!

Here are some past client's Before and After photos using RealVitalize!